Clouds and Hot Air Balloons

Went on a 5k run this evening, and though the weather was hot and humid, a breeze kicked up in the end, easing some of my sweaty discomfort.

It was a big cloud kind of day:

Stopped on my way to take a few pictures of ducks and a night heron:

A young woman was sitting by the artificial lake with her dog, taking in the view and adding to it:

A hot air balloon made escorted me for a while:

Then rushed back, before it was too dark to see the path back.

This week’s long run: for the birds

I ran a 5k yesterday, through the late night summer crowds, heat and humidity. It was low tide and a fisherman was out trying his luck at the beach, his footprints crisscrossing the floodlit sand.

Our bright and early for a relatively cool 8k, with some pretty great, no filter opportunities to photograph waterfowl in the sunrise.

This week’s long run: how to run when you really don’t want to

My mom has some very serious health problems, and that (coupled with some travel) has  made me put my running on a two week haitus. Except for an “angry run” of 4k that turned into 6k, I haven’t been lacing up lately, and that’s not good.

Yesterday I put in a 4k, and as usual after a break, it was pretty rough. Not as rough as I knew this morning’s run would be. It was scheduled to be a 10k, but I dropped it to a 7k, knowing that all things considered even that would be a challenge. I would have to fight my lizard brain all the way through this one, so I would have to use all the tricks I had to get through it:

Trick #1: Remove all obstacles to getting out the door. For me that meant setting an alarm, setting out my workout clothes, and charging my headphones the night before.

Trick #2: Promise yourself something nice once you complete the run. For me it was breakfast at my favourite cafe.

Trick #3: Distraction, distraction, distraction. This is the most important thing, and why I chose a new route, and I saved my favourite podcast (Do By Friday) for this run.

Trick #4: Give yourself a break. I allowed myself to stop for breaks, so long as they were only for a few seconds, and I went right back to running again. I needed to decide this in advance so I wouldn’t feel bad about taking the breaks that I knew that I would need. The point was not to beat myself up for something that couldn’t be helped.

It worked, and I got rewarded with some pretty nifty new views:

Get out there and run. You can crush it, no matter what the little lizard says.

This week’s long run: clear skies, birds and unbearable heat

Started out earlier than last week, because of the heatwave we’re experiencing now, but still had a hard time running, especially during the last kilometer. Last night’s 5k was also difficult, as it was super humid outside. Breathing water while running is no fun at all.

Started out a little after 6:00 AM, to clear blue skies.

Since I set out earlier than last week, I did get to see some birds out and about. This little egret is a Tel Aviv Port regular, waiting for unlucky fishermen to throw it their little fry.

Near the halfway point I saw a hoopoe, with its unmistakable crown, poking around the grass for insects. It’s our national bird, which is a bit funny, since hoopoes generally migrate to Israel on during the summer.

8 km done and dusted. I had to stop a lot, drink a lot of water, and stop twice to top up my water bottles from water fountains, it was so hot. I’m pleased I got my run in, but I can’t wait for cooler weather. It’s only the beginning of July and the blast furnace that is August still lies ahead… 😅

This week’s long run: clouds and sunshine

Managed to leave the house earlier than last week, but still not early enough to entirely skip the heat. Thankfully it was a windy day, so the heat wasn’t too unbearable, which meant that I could speed up my run a little bit.

The clouds were gorgeous, edged with morning light. It almost looks like a winter morning (Tel Aviv winters aren’t very grey and rainy) because it was so overcast.

There’s usually a lot more wildlife around the park, but since there are more people out this time of year (running, walking, doing yoga, playing with their dogs), only a few ducks and geese were around the boat docks.

8K done today, 4k done yesterday, and it looks like I won’t have time for a proper run tomorrow, so rest and stretch day it is. That’s the floor of one of my favourite coffee places, by the way. My machine is on the fritz and I haven’t had to fix it, so I’ve got to schlepp a bit for my brew nowadays.

Summer 5k, World Cup edition

This is from last week’s 5k – I just realised that I forgot to post it. Ain’t Tel Aviv gorgeous?

The promenade cafes and restaurants are packed with people watching the World Cup, including random bystanders.

The sunsets at this time of year are some of the best:

Midweek 5k run: Chinese festival and Te❤️iv.

I usually run with my running group midweek, and then I rarely have time to stop for photos. This week was crazy in terms of scheduling (as will next week), so that meant either running by myself midweek or giving up on my runs, and I am NOT bailing on my runs. They help me keep grounded and sane in this crazy time.

There’s a new sign on the Tel Aviv Port deck, and I really like it:

Get it, Te-love-iv?

There was also a very colourful and very popular Chinese food festival in the Port’s farmer’s market area. I got slammed in the face by a Chinese dancer waving long ribbons around, but it didn’t hurt, it just made me decide to circumvent the festival on my run back.

The lifeguards still leave their posts way too early, but that doesn’t deter people from swimming in the sea. A little over 5k done and dusted, with some hill repeats in the middle. I hate hill repeats.

This week’s long run: it helps to get out sometimes

Woke up and left early for an 8k run this Saturday. It was supposed to be super hot later on, so I tried to get my run done with before 7:00. I missed by a bit, but not by much. I was feeling depressed and anxious because of my mom, but as usual, pushing through the first kilometres brought on that welcome endorphin hit.

Swallows were out and about.

8k run complete. When in pain, run.

Triathlon and Pride: this week’s long run

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Tel Aviv Pride Parade, a huge, fun street party sort of affair, which I missed because I was with my mom in hospital. She got released home on Friday afternoon, but has to go back for more tests on Sunday, which makes none of us happy. And when I’m not unhappy or stressed I go out for a run.

Started out at 6:20, hoping to get 7k in before the sun started blazing (wear sunscreen!), but I forgot that my usual route was going to be partly blocked because of the Tel Aviv Triathlon. It made for a challenging and interesting run at least.

6:20AM and look at that sun already blazing:

Some of the decorations for the Pride Parade were still up on the beach, and some of them will stay here permanently:

The sprint category of the triathlon was just about to start as I tried to run past them and into the TLV port and park:

Here I was forced to go on several diversions before finally making it to the park for the halfway point of my run.

Whenever life sucks, go for a run. I guarantee that you’ll feel better.