A blog about writing, reading, drawing and sometimes stationery, from Nofar, a DevOps engineer, writer, reader, Urban Sketcher and runner.

Note: all the reviews on my site are of things that I bought for myself, out of my own money, and with no prompting or sponsorship. This is a personal blog, as there were in the olden days of the internet, pre-social media, influencers, etc. I don’t  and won’t accept items for review.

Twitter: @nofars

Instagram: @writingatlarge

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Izzy Hezz

    Hello! I’ve been enjoying you blog, and I was curious if you have any old Field notes you might be interested in selling? I saw that you were not a fan of the dot grids, I’d love to buy any old left overs you might have 🙂

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  2. Ted Allen

    Thank you so much for your Inkvent posts. Yours was one of 3 that I have followed through the entire adventure.

    I am hoping that your chemo proves successful. My thoughts are with you

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