Jaffa in the Sunshine

It looks like another year without winter here. I drew this during an Urban Sketchers sketch crawl, but since the sun was right in my face and it was blazing hot (31 degrees centigrade), I didn’t place the shadows properly.

Moleskine large watercolour notebook, Lamy Safari medium, Rohrer and Klingner Emma SketchINK, Schmincke watercolours.

The Embassy

I went back and finished my sketch of the embassy today. I would have probably spent a little more time on it but I was eaten alive by mosquitoes, so I cut my sketching short. You can find the initial ink sketch here. As usual, I used Schminke watercolours.

Seven Dials, London

Just back from a trip to London and York, and still sorting through photos and experiences. This is a quick sketch I made over coffee on Sunday morning in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

This week’s long run

It’s Israel’s 70th Independence Day next week and there was an exhibition celebrating this in Ben Gurion Boulevard.

The weather was perfect though it did heat up a bit later on. Sunscreen season is upon us.

You know you’re doing well as a fisherman when both a cat and an egret are waiting for you to fail.

Ain’t she pretty? I love Tel Aviv so much, especially on days like these.

All this made for a fast and fun 7k.