Inktober Day 15: Egyptian Geese

These fellows are fierce warriors, so all the runners know to give them a wide berth. Saw this pair during my weekend long run.
I haven’t played around with brush pens in a while, and I’ve been meaning to give a few of them a spin, so this was sketched with a Tombow Fudenosuke soft brush pen on an A4 Midori MD Cotton notebook. I thought about adding a spot of colour to this sketch, but opted for now to leave it black and white.
P.S. using brush pens right now is intensly difficult, as I can barely feel my fingers. My neuropathy gets worse the colder it is, and right now I’m only vaguely aware that my fingers exist. At least that makes sure that I sketch more from my arm and shoulder than my fingers – so proper technique 🙂

Inktober Day 12: Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibit

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and there’s an educational exhibit in Habima Square in Tel Aviv.

This was sketched using a Platinum 3776 with an UEF nib and Sailor Epinard ink, and a uni-ball Posca paint marker.

Inktober Day 11: Icon Festival

I was at the Israeli comic con, Icon, on Tuesday, but I was too busy to really capture event beyond a haze of stalls in the dark. This was sketched using a Pentel brush pen and a Faber Castell Pitt pen.

Playing with Posca Paint Markers

There were a few Posca paint marker sets on sale while I was in London, so I bought two sets to play with. Here’s a quick sketch of a planter near the Tel Aviv port, done with fine Posca paint markers on a paper bag that held sweet peppers before I reused it.

Inktober Day 10: Sunrise of the Independence Garden

Had an unusual start to the day, with an early morning walk before my usual morning run. I’m embracing the spirit of experimentation with these, so this one was sketched using diluted Sennelier shellac based ink (non fountain pen friendly) in waterbrushes, paired with a fine nibbed TWSBI ECO filled with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, and a Diplomat Aero with a fine nib filled with Colorverse Golden Record. The Midori MD Cotton paper does not take nicely to any amount of moisture and there was bleed through (and of course see through) to the other side of the page, but in general it held up much better than I expected.

Independence Garden at Sunrise. Playing about with various kinds of inks.

Here are all the tools used for this quick sketch:

From left to right: waterbrush filled with blue in, waterbrush filled with sepia ink, TWSBI ECO, Diplomat Aero and a waterbrush filled with water.

And here’s the complete page:

Inktober Day 9: Surfers near the Marina

Today’s sketch includes a frame and characters drawn with a Staedtler pigment fineliner 0.1 pen, a sky drawn with a Vertex and kyo no oto Sakuranezumi ink, a sea drawn with a TWSBI ECO filled with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, a lighthouse sketch with a Platinum 3776 UEF nib filled with Sailor Epinard, and a beach and breaker sketch done with a Diplomat Aero and Colorverse Golden Record (plus a waterbrush).

Here’s the whole pen lineup used to create this page:

Inktober Day 8: Trash Beach Volleyball

Very, very quick sketch of an exhibit of people playing beach volleyball and lounging on the the beach – all made out of plastic trash recovered from the sea. It’s quite sobering to see it all displayed like that in the Tel Aviv port. We need to be much better stewards of our oceans and planet.
Drawn with a Platinum Plaisir fountain pen on a Midori MD Cotton A4 notebook.

Here is the full page spread together with the infamous Platinum Plaisir:

Inktober Day 7: Succah Exhibit

There’s a wild succah exhibit near the TLV mall in Tel Aviv, and it’s a lot of fun to walk around it and try and guess what everything was originally. This succah is made out of discarded bits of “junk”, you see, and the point is to make a point about recycling and sustainability. In any case it was challenging for a very quick little sketch (I’m working very fast and loose with these), and as I mentioned before, the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen I used here isn’t the most fun pen to use. The Midori MD Cotton paper deserves better.

Inktober Day 6: Dragon Boats

I run practically the same route every day, and yet it never gets boring, especially since the sea, the river and the park are constantly changing. Today it was dragon boats that were out in force on the river. I’ll probably do a watercolour sketch of the scene later on. In any case, this page will be sketched with a Platinum Plaisir filled with the cartridge it came with. It was supposed to highlight the fact that you can sketch with even the cheapest of fountain pens, but I have to say that I don’t recommend the Plaisir. The nib doesn’t flip well, the ink cartridge it comes with is proprietary and the ink inside is in a depressingly dull blue, and there are better pens to be had for a little more or a lot less.

Inktober Day 5: Independence Garden

It’s time for a wash, and this time it’s just water over Colorverse Golden Record ink. The sketch was done with a Diplomat Aero fine nibbed pen, which you can see at the bottom of this post, and on A4 Midori MD Cotton paper, which is not built for washes. It buckles almost immediately.

One of my favourite places in Tel Aviv, Independence Garden (Gan HaAztmaut).

Here’s the complete page:

I like the comics like effect of it.

And here’s the pen that I used to sketch it all, the wonderful and highly recommended Diplomat Aero (in this case in orange, but it comes in a myriad of colours). The Colorverse Golden Record ink was part of a set, and I don’t recommend it.