#OneWeek100People: day 12

I’m done! It took me longer than I expected, but it was a warm day today, so I took a brush pen and sketched people on the move, from life and not from photos. I’m glad that I participated in this challenge, and I hope that it will kickstart my urban sketching again.

#OneWeek100People: day 11

This page was all about brush pens. I took almost two weeks off sketching because I could not handle a pen because of the pain in my hands. It’s good getting back to sketching again. Number 85 was drawn live, not from a photograph.

#OneWeek100People: day 9

I’m posting this at a bit of delay, as we’re having a cold spell and my neuropathy has really been giving me tough time. Logically I should have given up on this project, but I’m stubborn, so I won’t.

These were all sketches with Lamy Safaris and various De Atramentis Document inks.

#OneWeek100People: Day 8

Decided to get some colour in today, by hook or by crook, and so there’s some watercolour, as well as some work with waterproof and non-waterproof fountain pen inks.

As a bonus for being so patient with my slow progress, you get a process video for one of today’s sketches 🙂

#OneWeek100People: Day 7

We’re having a cold snap this week, which means bad news for my hands. So there’s only 6 new sketches today, but at least I am back to pen and ink, and I haven’t been confined to gesture drawings (not that they’re bad, I just wanted to practice my portraits).

Drawn with a Lamy Safari Petrol fine nib, De Atramentis Document Urban Grey ink on a Stillman and Birn Alpha.

#OneWeek100People: Day 6

As I expected I didn’t reach 100 people sketches in 5 days, but I still intend to get to 100 sketches, so I’m plowing on. My hands are still wrecked with neuropathy so today’s sketches are all pencil sketches, all of them using various Blackwings. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get back to ink and watercolour, but if not I’ll break out my vintage pencils and give them a spin.

The pencils and eraser used for these sketches.

#OneWeek100People: Day 5

My hands still really hurt, but I don’t want to give up the challenge, so I pushing on with pencil sketches. I’ve pulled out my Blackwings and am giving them a spin.

#OneWeek100People: Day 4

My hands have been absolutely dreadful today, and it’s been a real pain to draw. I used a Sanford No-Blot pencil to get at least a few sketches done, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get a few more done.

Playing around with the Sanford No-Blot pencil.

#OneWeek100People: Day 3

I am back to drawing from Flickr photos today, but to switch things up a bit I changed the media I worked with. So there’s a lot of brush pen work (Kuretake, Faber Castell, Pilot), and no watercolour in sight. My hands are still troubling me, and I pushed myself harder than I should have today (my hands are actually shaking as I write this), so I’ll have to be careful tomorrow not to overdo it.
My favourite of the lot is of course the first sketch, of the protesting lady with the chihuahuas.

Today’s tools