Tabletop Day

Tabletop Day was a huge hit today – we were 9 people gathered in my brother’s apartment, and we played:

  • Sushi Go (twice)
  • Tsuro
  • 7 Wonders
  • Resistance (twice with the regular rules and once with the expansion, which made it much better).
  • Hanabi
  • Sheriff of Nottingham

Not bad for 8 hours, including a lunch break 🙂

I hope that you had a great Tabletop Day. Play more games!

The notebook you use

The best notebook is the one that you use.

If Moleskine makes the notebooks you want to use, then they are the best. After years of collecting dust, I find myself gravitating back to them more. Maybe it’s because their paper isn’t perfect, and I don’t feel guilty if I just use a simple gel ink pen or a pencil on them, and maybe it’s something about their format that is just right for me right now.

If Leuchtturm, Rhodia, Baron Fig, Midori, Field Notes is what makes you pull out a pen or pencil and fill up those pages, then these are the notebooks for you.

There is no perfect notebook — we live in an imperfect world. Your baseline should be a simple composition notebook, and not a leather-bound, gilt-edged masterpiece that you are too afraid to use.

Just a friendly reminder that a notebook is not worth much if it has empty pages and you have a full mind.