2021 Yearly Goals (New Year’s Resolutions) and Theme

2021 has finally arrived! Every year since 2015 I’ve kept a list of yearly goals in a Baron Fig Confidant. I still call “New Year’s Resolutions” despite their being SMART goals and not pie in the sky resolutions. Over the years they have expanded to be ever more specific and quantifiable: I started with one page, and now have a main two spreads with related lists spilling out to adjacent spreads, and an entire notebook dedicated to capturing my reading goals.

2020 was a weird and challenging year, and it managed to land a large, hard hit on me on its very last day. These goals were written before I got bad news regarding the health of a close family member (Cancer, not Covid), which means that there’s a good change that 2021 will shape out worse than 2020 in terms of my goals. However, ever since 2018 I build my goals with those kinds of emergencies in mind, and so most of my goals, if not all of them, should be attainable.

2021 goals and theme in my Baron Fig Confidant

Some of my usual goals are off this list, because I’m afraid that Covid will not be over so soon. For the first time ever a significant chunk of these goals is professional. I’ve changed careers, and new opportunities have opened before me – creating professional goals makes sure that I take advantage of those opportunities.

My writing and journalling have taken a hit in 2020 (particularly the latter part). Hopefully with some concerted effort that will change in 2021. I’ve made significant progress in terms of fitness in 2020, and I plan on maintaining the course in 2021. I’m also putting some effort into taking time to enjoy my hobbies. If I don’t prioritize them, then they just get left by the wayside.

Finally, for the first time I’ve created a yearly theme, that is part of the yearly goals and yet also a separate entity. 2021 is the “Year of Clearing Out”. That means decluttering my apartment, pruning my podcast/book/viewership lists, and getting rid of some recently acquired bad habits (mostly doom scrolling on Twitter, but not just). This may end up being a theme that will spill into 2022, but the idea is to try and tackle it in 2020, to build a good foundation for the years to come.

What are your goals/themes/resolutions for 2021?

Happy new year!

7 thoughts on “2021 Yearly Goals (New Year’s Resolutions) and Theme

  1. Alice

    Excellent, and you are way ahead of me. I have a sort-off to-do list but it is better for me if I assign myself a date. Within this week, I must do such-and-such. On another note, how does the Baron compare to Moleskine and Leuchtturm?

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    1. writingatlarge

      I actually also do the weekly thing, and I’ll probably put a post about that soon (this week?). As for the Baron Fig, if you use primarily pencil, it’s great. If you use fountain pens, Leuchtturm is the best bet. I’ve used all three and I still like the Moleskine best for my daily use (I mostly use gel ink pens and still like their design and formats the best), and if you use fine/EF nibs and certain inks, then the Moleskine works just fine.

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  2. Galahad

    Hi, I think that 2020 was a year were I learned what goals really depended on me. Also when I wanted to achieve something that depended on something else I considered two options, crossing them or thinking what could I really do. But I guess that that’s the gambling part in life.

    Whit that being said, my personal goals for this year are making better notes, sleep more, live every day with meaning and reduce screen time. I think that with those personal goals also will improve some professional goals so it’s a win win situation.

    Happy new year for you too!

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