One Week 100 People Day 8: Protest Bookend

I started the One Week 100 People challenge with the pro-democracy protests last week, and I finished it with them this week.

Fighting for the soul of our country
Every week more people take to the streets.

These were sketched with watercolour and a 0.1 Staedtler pigment liners. As I was drawing a 3-year-old girl snuck up to see what I was doing, and we had a lovely chat with her and her parents. I ended up drawing dinosaurs in a forest for her to take home and colour, while she explained the merits of democracy and pizza with olives to us. I was enchanted.

I finished the challenge with 112 people sketched. I had a lot of fun sketching people, and there’s something in playing with various medium types that made it more fun and expressive than my attempts in previous years, at least to me.

2 thoughts on “One Week 100 People Day 8: Protest Bookend

  1. miatagrrl

    Wow, 112!! Congrats! I had a ball, too, and I think it was mainly because I did them all from life. So much fun being out with people and sketching them, as you know!

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