One Week 100 People Day 7: Mixed Media

Today turned out to be busier than I planned so I struggled getting these 12 in. They are sketched in ballpoint, red and blue Caran D’Ache pencil, a Caran D’Ache coloured lead, a vintage Mongol pencil, Faber Castell Pitt brush pens, and two different fountain pens. Can you guess which is which?

That makes 72.

2 thoughts on “One Week 100 People Day 7: Mixed Media

  1. graysummers

    You haven’t missed a beat with their facial expressions. All have something unique. Brilliant. You mentioned the red/blue Caran D’Ache. I used one, a different make, in Nurse handovers. Red was for pinpointing and highlighting important tasks/information. Blue for the ‘better get done’. My fountain pen for writing and recording the basics. I think this red/blue half and half is called an accountants pencil. Could be wrong. Haven’t been able to spot your individual uses of pen, etc. choices yet. All the best.

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