Wrapping Some Books

I just finished wrapping some children’s books for my friends’ children and I really like what I got out of some brown wrapping paper and Posca paint markers.

The books are all by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and they’re a delight that’s fun to read even as an adult (the mark of a good children’s book in my opinion).

Can you guess which book is under which wrapper?

9 thoughts on “Wrapping Some Books

  1. graysummers

    Cake, Hannah the Spanner, Patch and Treasure Island. Pure guesswork. I thought it might be The Rascally Cake but it looks too nice. That was a favourite from a long time ago. My Grandchildren read loads of books. But I confess I’m not as great on current books as when I read to my own children. Perfect gifts to be given. And a great touch providing a clue. All the best.

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      1. graysummers

        Thank you. I went with your little illustrations and my mind was thinking as a 66 years old. Lots of books were read to, and by, my two children. 😊 Now they are in their mid 30’s and are reading to, or getting books for, their own. My children and grandchildren do love books. I will write them down and let my daughter and son know these titles. With six grandchildren from 3 to 12, some will definitely be of an age to appreciate. Nice to see that you yourself give books as gifts. Whole new Worlds can now be found within those pages. All the best, and again, thank you.

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