Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 6: Ghost

It’s time for door number 6:

Diamine Ghost is day 6’s ink. It’s a wonderfully shading bluish grey, a close kin to the phenomenal Diamine Earl Grey.

Diamine Ghost

Ghost is on the light side of greys, although not light enough to be unreadable in this fine nibbed Diplomat Aero. It is probably not the best for cream coloured paper, but on white paper it works well enough:

Col-o-Ring swab of Diamine Ghost

Ghost really shines on Tomoe River paper, as its shading properties are really prominent here. I had a lot of fun sketching this baby ruru (morepork) on this 52g original Tomoe River paper notebook:

Baby owls are the best

I love grey inks so I am definitely going to buy a bottle of this no – it’s a bluish grey shading ink, what’s not to love?

Writing sample on Tomoe River 68g paper

One thought on “Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 6: Ghost

  1. graysummers

    I am a fan of the greys produced with the Rotring and Pelikan graphos pens. The various choices in drawing and italic nibs allow the shading into deeper greys to black when presented in different angles on the paper. Draughtsman pens are really unpredictable at times. But a joy to use. These advent calendars look great. I’ll substitute my advent calendar of a different Pukka tea bag for each day for one of these next year! Thanks again. All the best.

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