Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 1: Bliss

It’s day 1 of Inkvent 2022, and it’s time to see what’s behind the first door (the illustration on the calendar is exactly the same as in previous years, just on a green background, instead of a blue or red one):

Door 1

It’s Diamine Bliss!

Diamine Bliss bottle

I filled a Pilot Metropolitan fine nibbed pen with it, and created this Col-O-Ring swab:

A nice and bright turquoise with some shading.

It’s definitely a cheerful and calming colour, and it has distinct summery vibes to it. To test it out I created a quick sketch of the beach and the Mediterranean on a Tomoe River 52g notebook (the original Tomoe River paper).

A blissful view.

I then wrote this quick review of The Expanse series using it. As you can see, despite this ink being labelled as “standard” it shades very well, even in a fine nibbed pen. It also remains readable throughout, which isn’t a given in turquoise inks. This was written on Tomoe River paper 68g (original tomoe river paper).

I highly recommend reading The Expanse. Yes, all nine novels. It’s worth it.

I like turquoise inks, and so I have a few swabs of them at hand (and one or two laying around that I haven’t swabbed yet). Diamine Bliss is very close to Sailor Bungubox June Bride Something Blue, and not far from Diamine Subzero (minus the shimmer). Not a particularly rare shade of ink, but a nice one nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 1: Bliss

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