Diamine Inkvent 2021

It’s Diamine Inkvent time!
In 2019 Diamine came out with a fantastic fountain pen ink based advent calendar: the Inkvent Calendar. Behind each of the 25 doors was a tiny ink bottle (except for day 25, which got a larger bottle), each one of them was holiday themed and made specifically for the calendar. I created a review post a day for each any every one of those 25 inks. It was exhausting but worth it because it allowed me to select my favourites of the bunch . Eventually, as I’d hoped, Diamine reissued these inks in beautiful glass bottles, and so I was able to purchase full bottles of my favourites.

Front of the Inkvent calendar

This year Diamine came out with a new Inkvent calendar, this time also with 25 exclusive and thematically appropriate (at least by name) inks. I plan on posting a review of each one on the appropriate day. I’m not promising not to open some of the doors in advance. Due to my neuropathy and my treatments there will be days when I otherwise won’t be able to post.

This is meant to be a fun project, and I’m also hoping that Diamine comes out with larger ink bottles of the Inkvent line. So the reviews should help me select the few larger ink bottles that I may order.

The back of the Diamine Inkvent calendar.

My plan is to use cartridge/converter fountain pens to test the inks. They’re less of a hassle to fill from tiny bottles, and they’re easy to clean. This calendar will contain inks with a lot of sparkles in them, so the cleaning aspect of the business is important.

So, expect a daily review, as we go out on an inkventure.

6 thoughts on “Diamine Inkvent 2021

  1. Daphna Kedmi

    I think I’m going to take up sketching, just because of the fountain pen and ink stuff (not really, no artistic talent whatsoever). Sounds like so much fun. And yes, I still have old school fountain pens (for writing, not sketching). Many years ago, before computers and the internet (yes, I admit to being a dinosaur…), I did all my studies with fountain pens. And then they became extinct. So I envy you the fun of still using them and playing around with ink colors. Enjoy!

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