Health Update for the New Year

It’s been a while since my last update, so I thought that I’d write a new one. On August 24th I had my fourth chemo treatment, and it went rougher than the ones before it in terms of side effects. The worst of the bunch has been my neuropathy, which until now has been not so bad. This time however, both my hands were numb and tingly, and the tips of my fingers actually hurt. It’s been hard typing, holding a pen, drawing. It’s not that I’ve stopped doing these things, it’s just that it’s been a challenge to overcome the pain, to focus more to get my hands moving the way that I want them to. But I haven’t given up, and I’ve managed to type, write with my pens, and even create this drawing:

Not bad for someone with semi functioning fingers, right?

My hands have gotten better with time, but they are getting better slowly, and they still haven’t returned to normal. I’ve discovered that lighter fountain pens with bigger barrels are the best in terms of being easy on my hands, and although my handwriting has suffered a bit due to the pain, it is still recognizably my handwriting.

What’s next? On Thursday I have a PET CT which will determine what the rest of my chemo treatment will be, and on Sunday I’ll have the fifth chemo treatment. I’m not looking forward to either of these things, and as the PET CT is approaching my anxiety levels are rising (I really need good results on it). Meanwhile I’m trying to distract myself with work, books and season 2 of “Ted Lasso”. Here’s hoping for good results, and less pain for the Jewish New Year.

19 thoughts on “Health Update for the New Year

  1. Prashant Kharkar

    I have always enjoyed your posts but not so much recently mainly because of your illness. I also like your sketches. I sincerely hope that your treatments prove to be effective and provide you with significant relief from the illness.

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  2. Daphna Kedmi

    Shana Tova Nofar, and I hope for a normal year for you, with no ordeals and challenges, just work, running, drawing, reading, maybe London sometime when the world opens up for us all. It’s time for this ordeal to take a turn for the better, and I’m sure it will. I’ll be thinking of you this coming Thursday, and hoping for good results. Keep us posted, and all the very best, from my heart to yours.

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