How to start sketching more

A few tips for those interested in picking up a sketching habit:

  1. Pick a notebook that you enjoy using, one that you really want to use. I mainly use a Moleskine pocket sketchbook. I have notebooks with better quality paper, but this is  one is just a pure joy for me to use. It’s nice but not so nice that I’m scared of “ruining” it, it’s light and pocketable so I have no excuse not to carry it, and it’s good enough for all the media that I sketch with – pencils, coloured pencils, pens and brush pens.
  2. The medium you use doesn’t really matter, so start with something simple that works with the notebook you picked:
    • Pencil
    • Fineliner
    • Ballpoint pen
    • Brush pen
  3. It doesn’t matter what you draw so long as you draw it.Don’t wait for inspiration or a lofty subject.
    • Every line you draw is already a personal and meaningful thing. Remember that when you feel like giving yourself a hard time.
    • If you’re trying to accurately document something for posterity – take a picture with your smartphone. Sketching and drawing is about making a moment, person, object your own.
    • That being said, give yourself a break and start with the simple – objects without too many finicky details that will stay still while you draw it.
  4. You’re going for quantity first, then quality, as you are trying to build up a habit. Draw a cup of coffee, your midmorning snack, things on your desk, etc.
  5. Challenge yourself to keep it up daily for a month. You can use Streaks to help you keep up the habit.
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others, ever. You don’t know:
    1. How long they’ve been at it.
    2. What training they’ve had.
    3. How many “failures” they didn’t post.

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