One Week 100 People Day 1: The Protest Edition

I’m participating in the One Week 100 People challenge again this year, and this time with a new goal: to use new techniques, materials or styles when I sketch. It will likely take me more than 5 days to finish sketching 100 people, but that doesn’t matter that much to me.

I started a bit early this year, with a series of sketches of faces of protestors in the pro-democracy protest on Saturday. All apart from the girl in the brown beret (which was a warmup sketch done with Copic markers, Faber Castell Pitt brush pens and blue pencil) were sketched in the protest.

I stopped using copic markers very quickly as they soaked through the Stillman and Birn Alpha paper.

At a certain point I decided that I wanted to sketch the scene a bit more.

These were all done with a fine, hard kuretake brush pen, and Faber Castell Pitt brush pens.

Here’s a bit of the chaos of the scene. Everyone was moving all the time, which made sketching challenging.

That’s 27 people for day 1.

Starting To Get Back To Normal

I met with friends for a meal for the first time in a little over a year and it was glorious. We were all vaccinated, and so we could sit down and talk over food and drinks in Tel Aviv that was starting to get back to normal. There are still plenty of signs that Covid is still with us: we were masked at first as was the staff, the first place we chose to go to had closed down and due to the new occupancy rules it was difficult to find a place that could seat us. None of that mattered as we sat down and talked and laughed for hours. I hadn’t realized how much I missed meeting people face to face until I finally had a chance to do so.
As I was waiting for everyone to arrive I sat on a bench and drew the first thing that I saw in the dusky evening. In the end I ran out of time and light, but I decided to leave the drawing as is and not fix it at home. A true Urban Sketch that will forever capture the moment for me.

Jaffa in the Sunshine

It looks like another year without winter here. I drew this during an Urban Sketchers sketch crawl, but since the sun was right in my face and it was blazing hot (31 degrees centigrade), I didn’t place the shadows properly.

Moleskine large watercolour notebook, Lamy Safari medium, Rohrer and Klingner Emma SketchINK, Schmincke watercolours.

Good morning!

Quick sketch after breakfast at Birenbaum cafe in Tel Aviv. Brush pen on Moleskine pocket sketchbook.