Haifa and Jerusalem


This time in pen and markers. The actresses from the wonderful play “The Mystery of the Lost City Guardian (of Doom)” strike again.

Inktober 23: City Spirits

Done! This was a nice and interesting challenge. The characters in order from right to left are: Abaddon (Doom), Carthage, Tokyo, Rome, London, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv.

IMG_3537 (1)Here are the past posts on the characters from the local play “The Mystery of the Lost City Guardian (of Doom)”.

This week’s long run: Running in the dark and Christmas in Haifa

I started running before 5AM this week, and so taking pictures wasn’t really an option. It was very cold, very dark, and I saw a night heron and some bats, but that’s it.

Sunrise over the Tel Aviv Marina:

Later on I went to Haifa for the Holiday of Holidays celebration, so to make up for the non existent running photos, here are some Christmas ones instead:

#Inktober day 1: Wadi Nisnas, Haifa

Drawn on location in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa. Super5 0.7 fountain pen, Rohrer and Klingner Lotte SketchINK, Stillman and Birn pocket Alpha. Will probably get watercoloured once I have some spare time – took some reference photos just in case.