Packaging into Bookmarks: A Quick Repurposing Project

I love Present and Correct’s packaging and I didn’t want to throw it away, so I repurposed it as bookmarks using some washi tape and scissors.

This was originally glued to a paper bag.

The have these cool vintage lending slips glued to their paper bags so I cut it off the bag, and used washi tape on the back to tidy things up a bit. I’m currently using this in the book that I’m reading (Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead), and I love it.

The next bookmark is messy but I don’t care. I took a slightly crumpled brown envelope that contained pencils, cut out the interesting part and taped it shut with washi tape. I didn’t bother using a ruler so it’s a bit wonky but I don’t care. The result is still useful and I like its imperfections.

It took a few minutes to create these, and they make me smile. I enjoy giving new life to old packaging, and I hope this and my paper bag sketches inspire you to give it a try yourself.

4 thoughts on “Packaging into Bookmarks: A Quick Repurposing Project

  1. graysummers

    I do make bookmarks from all manner of finds. A lot of books re-read are great when an inherent marker already exists. Labels from clothes, rugs, ornaments are often quite arty, rustic, recycled and made to display ‘rough about the edges’ finishes. String attached is usually left on. Or if no decent string, I add some jute, hemp, raffia through a hole punched out. The string acts like another page divider. Labels are great sizes too. I have never cut them the way you have here though. You’ve given me a new way to make some. Great blog post. Thanks. All the best.

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  2. Daphna Kedmi

    Waiting to hear what you think of “Drive the Plow”, and if you intend to read her Books of Jacob. It’s on my list, but it seems like a gigantic undertaking, and based on reviews from literary bloggers I respect and follow, I’m really not sure I want to spend so much time on it.

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