Weekly Update: Busy Week Ahead

I went back to my usual running schedule this week, and was able to take a picture of two Monk Parakeets cuddling together on a tree during today’s long run. Decided to create a quick sketch of the couple:

There was too much unnecessary drama in my life this week, from a moderator in a group that I’m in deciding to take out her personal frustrations with the job market on me (and then apologizing profusely), through someone having issues with the week in Israel starting on Sunday and the weekend being Friday and Saturday here, to me deciding to go to the protests against the judicial system changes here for the first time. The large amount of people is likely going to trigger my PTSD and I’m not looking forward to the ensuing panic attacks, but I’m fed up with cancer taking things away from me, including the right to protest. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been reading “Erebus” by Michael Palin, and it’s very good but slow going. I read non-fiction slower than I read fiction, especially when there are things that I want to stop and look up.

Next week is a tough one, with blood tests and an oncologist check up, a 10k race on Friday, running a new D&D adventure and having to scout for a new player, plus being understaffed at work. We’ll see how it goes – my planners are going to be working full time, for sure.

Someone put up these post-its in the elevators at work on valentine’s day, and I want to give them a hug. They made everyone smile.

You are amazing – have a great week!

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