Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 17: Flame

It’s day 17 in the Diamine Inkvent calendar, and check out that cool snowflake:

Door 17

Day 17’s ink is Diamine Flame, an orange standard ink. Yay for standard inks again!

Diamine Flame bottle

Diamine Flame is a bright orange with some shading and did I mention that it’s a standard ink? No shimmer, sheen, sparkles or scent. Nice for a change.

Diamine Flame on Col-o-Ring

I am continuing my animal theme for now, this time with a sketch of a clown fish. You can see Diamine Flame’s shading and outlining properties quite well here”

Diamine Flame on 52gsm Tomoe River paper

Diamine Flame is dark enough to be legible without losing its orange nature (it’s not too red, in other words). Will I buy a full bottle of this? Likely not, as I don’t normally use orange inks. It is, however, a well behaved, interesting enough orange ink for me to recommend it if you are looking for something in that shade and find Diamine more affordable/accessible than Robert Oster, Pilot Iroshizuku or Montblanc.

Writing sample on 68gsm Tomoe River paper

2 thoughts on “Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 17: Flame

  1. graysummers

    Orange? A while back when studying complementary therapies as a nurse I dipped into psychology of colour. How it affects moods. With seasonal adjustment disorder, SAD, Orange can be a huge uplifting colour. Washing with orange coloured soap in the mornings is supposed to help start the day. It’s interesting this study of yours. How each colour, when writing with them, can have impact on the writer. You have already described aroma reluctance. So I wonder if colours that are actually not the writer’s favourites re: decor, clothes, etc. can affect enjoyment of the writing experience. I’d definitely be hard pressed to like writing with certain coloured inks. Art and painting with inks? Different story altogether. Thank you for these analyses once again. All the best.

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