Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 12: Memory Lane

Day 12 of Inkvent is here!
We are basically halfway through the calendar, and so far I am enjoying most of the inks. As is expected, not everyone will love every ink in this set, and not every ink is 100% unique (with the sheer amount of inks issued just by Diamine and Sailor in recent years that’s impossible), but Inkvent is a lovely idea well executed. It’s meant to be fun and festive, and I think that it fulfils the brief very well.

Door 12

Day 12’s ink is Diamine Memory Lane, a lavender grey shimmer ink that shades very well, and is going straight into my shopping cart once Diamine issues their Green Edition full size bottle of it.

Diamine Memory Lane bottle

I love grey inks and I love purple inks, and this is a wonderful combination of them both. If you like bright and bold inks, this one isn’t for you, but if you appreciate the more muted part of the colour palette, you will likely love this one. The silver shimmer is subtle, and makes the ink look greyish in certain angles and the base lavender colour is calming and shades particularly well.

Col-o-Ring swab

Cameras have a difficult time with purple, and mine made this elephant look more grey than he is in the real sketch. His true colour looks more like the writing sample on the page, or the writing sample below.

Diamine Memory Lane sketch on 52gsm tomoe river paper

The writing and sketching were done with a Pelikan Pelikano with a medium nib, which is on the wide side. You can see the shading both in the sketch and the writing, and you can see how much variety and interest there is with this ink. A winner in my book, no doubt.

Diamine Memory Lane writing sample on 68gsm Tomoe River paper

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