SketchingNow Watercolour Course Introduction

I’m starting Liz Steel’s SketchingNow Watercolour course next week, and so I spent the weekend completing the three intro lessons to the course. It was nice practicing a bit of brush control after such a long time (for over 6 months I haven’t been able to properly hold and control a brush because of my peripheral neuropathy), and I cleaned my palette after a long time.

Metal watercolour tin filled with half pans of paint.
Clean palette
A sketch of the paints in my palette with a legend.
Intro lesson 1 exercise

My palette is large and I still have 3-4 colours on it that I’m still not sure about. This is the first page of a brand new Moleskine Large Watercolour Sketchbook, the new one in portrait format. Drawing your palette is a great way to start your sketchbook and get over the initial fear of “ruining it”.

Intro 2 exercise – testing the brush

The brush is a Rosemary & Co Kolinsky Sanle one, and I haven’t used it before.

Intro 3: testing the paper. Check out the granulation on the ultramarine.

Overall these were good intro lessons to watercolour sketching and good warmup exercises.

4 thoughts on “SketchingNow Watercolour Course Introduction

  1. Daphna Kedmi

    נופר, אני מתמוגגת מהתיאורים האלה שלך שמלווים בצבעים עצמם. זה מעיד על כך שהבלוג הזה הוא לא לציירים מצטיינים בלבד, ושגם פלבאים יכולים להפיק ממנו הנאה מרובה.

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  2. graysummers

    Great read again. Love the way this is presented. It gives a good grounding level for starting a new project with purpose. Your visual inclusions here are really inspiring. My son used watercolours a lot, but I never did try the art form. I’m currently on a week holiday break so am in ‘tourist’ mode. After reading your post? I now want to go look around the Yorkshire towns for a decent water colour set and experiment. Visiting Saltaire and it’s David Hockney inspired museum which may have art materials. All the best. Thank you.

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    1. writingatlarge

      Thank you for the kind words. If you are looking to get into watercolours, I recommend going for an artist quality set of paints, even though a student one is cheeper. It’s just that you’re not very likely to get decent results with a student grade set of paints. I’d also recommend checking out Liz Steel’s Sketching Now Watercolour course, or even just going through her blog to get started in your watercolour journey.
      Totally envious of your Yorkshire trip, Nofar.

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      1. graysummers

        Thank you for your advice. We, myself and my wife, went to Saltaire today to look at the art’s department for water colour choices……but the Salt Mill was closed! So went elsewhere. Hebden Bridge, Shipley, etc. But no art suppliers shops to find anything. I was going to look for a very decent set, as you suggest, as someone told me in the distant past the same thing you have stated. Looking forward to giving this art form a try. My main art background was a stint in ceramics (self employed potter) for ten years. Mythological influenced pieces which were individually made. So, I kind of really understand the need to go from complete novice to being a bit more able after a fair few months and years. So fingers crossed. Many thanks for your suggestions. And the course link. Much appreciated. All the best.

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