#OneWeek100People: Day 2

Today was all about live sketching of very fast moving people. I learned that I am very out of practice, and that I need to work looser than I normally would have. My hands were also not in the best shape, but I did get some nice poses and more sketches done than yesterday.

Drawn with a Lamy Safari fine nibbed pen with De w Document Ink Urban Grey, Schmincke and Daniel Smith watercolours on a Stillman and Birn 5.5” x 8.5 ” Alpha.

2 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People: Day 2

  1. Tina Koyama

    Any kind of real-life people drawing is challenging… you’re doing great! If you don’t mind a suggestion, you might try a larger pen, like a marker or brush pen. It will keep you looser. I know you like fountain pens 😉 , but a larger pen might be easier to handle, too. I learned this when I was trying to practice drawing with my right (non-dominant) hand. My right hand is not as good at finer motor skills, but when I used a large marker or even a crayon, it was easier.

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