Diamine Inkvent 2021 Day 18

Caveat: this year’s Inkvent appears to have elusive ink colours. I suggest reading my description of the inks and not going by the photos alone, and comparing my results with those of other reviewers. 

The Diamine Inkvent calendar is an advent calendar with 24 tiny (12ml) bottles of fountain pen ink behind 24 doors, and a larger, 30ml, bottle of ink behind the 25th door. All the inks are limited edition, and, at the moment, only available through this calendar.

Day 18’s door.

Day 18’s ink is Diamine Subzero, a light blue ink with lots of light blue shimmer. It’s bright and festive and VERY shimmery.

Diamine Subzero.

No false advertising here:

A shimmer ink.

Here’s a Col-o-Ring swab of Diamine Subzero. There’s a bit of shading going on, and a lot shimmer.

Col-o-Ring swab.

I used a Charged Green Lamy AL Star with an extra fine nib to test out Diamine Subzero. I would have used a wider nib to show off the ink’s properties, but I didn’t have one at hand that I felt that I could clean out well enough once I was done with this ink. In the end it didn’t matter much, as there’s so much shimmer going on with this ink you can see it even with a fine nib.

Lamy AL Star and Diamine Subzero.

It’s time for the season’s first snowman:

Diamine Subzero on Tomoe River paper.

This was drawn on a Kanso Sasshi 3.5” x 5.5” Tomoe River Paper notebook (the notebooks I have were bought in 2016, and so they contain the old Tomoe River paper).

Finally, I wrote a page in my Midori Journal:

If you’re looking for a festive ink that will cheer you up, Diamine Subzero would make a good choice. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to purchase a full bottle of this ink once it comes out, but I did have fun using it. Whether I’ll have fun cleaning it out of my pen remains to be seen, as it’s such a heavily shimmering ink. Also, another blue ink for a blue dominant Inkvent calendar so far.

3 thoughts on “Diamine Inkvent 2021 Day 18

  1. Quieter Elephant

    I’m not sure whether you had the same experience, but as with Red Robin and a couple of others in the calendar I found Subzero to offer quite prominent “haloing” on Rhodia. I love this effect and find it gives an almost 3D impression to my writing.

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  2. Lola

    I love the color of this ink, and the shimmer makes it even better!! I just hate when so much shimmer gets stuck in the feed, and not out onto the paper. Many times I will use the glass dip pen for shimmer ink just so I can get all the shimmer onto the paper, and not lose half of it to getting stuck inside the feed.

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