Cutty Sark, Greenwich

When I visited London in June Greenwich ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of the trip. The place was hard hit by the pandemic, and everything that made it so special to me seemed to have been wiped out because of it. There was no vintage and antique market next to the movie theatre. There were no grandmas selling baked goods for charity in the movie theatre foyer. Nauticalia, the maritime themed shop on zero longitude, had shut down. A good third of the stores around the Greenwich Market were permanently closed, and there was a general dismal aura around the place. The Maritime Museum required pre-booking an entrance, and so not many people visited it. Greenwich is a place that needs tourists to thrive, and with a pandemic and pandemic restrictions it felt deflated, a shadow of its former, sparkling self.

What still is vibrant and lovely is the place itself, and to remind myself of its potential and of my potential to visit it again someday in better times I created a quick sketch of the road leading to the Cutty Sark.

The Cutty Sark ship in the background, with a circus tent before it and buildings to the left, all drawn in ink and watercolour.

Schminke and Daniel Smith watercolours, Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink, Stillman and Birn Pocket Alpha.

2 thoughts on “Cutty Sark, Greenwich

  1. Daphna Kedmi

    It’s lovely Nofar, and that red splash of color (or colour, you choose…) makes it so vibrant. I miss London so much, and now with Boris Johnson’s “free for all” decision, it’s become a destination to which we can’t travel. Lucky we have your drawings to remind us of cool, grey, drizzly, and so beautiful London, at least in the eyes of this beholder. It’s crazy how once hopping on a plane was just a technical matter of when and where to. Will the world ever get back to normal?

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    1. writingatlarge

      Thank you! I hope the world will return at least somewhat to normal. I really want to have a “redo” of my London trip – one where I don’t have cancer and London isn’t 70% closed. It’s still my favourite city on earth, but the pandemic has really ravaged it.


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