Finished a Pilot-Hi-Tech-C Refill

For the first time ever I managed to write a Pilot High-Tech-C (also known as G-Tech-C) refill dry. The tip didn’t bend to death because someone breathed on it wrong, the refill didn’t have strange bubbles that meant that it just decided not to write any more, and the ball in the tip didn’t break off (thus rendering the pen into a particularly terrible rapidograph). This feels like an achievement and I am going to celebrate — by picking up a brand new High-Tech-C of course.

Empty pen refill.
Just a single crack on the cap from a fall early on, that’s all the damage this pen took.
Empty refill. Didn’t believe that it could be done.

3 thoughts on “Finished a Pilot-Hi-Tech-C Refill

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  3. Kevin Caudwell

    Quite an achievement!
    I reckon I get there only 10% of the time with my Pilot G-Tec C4s…

    Most of my pens just stop writing as if they run dry. I’m not sure if the ink has dried in the nib or the barrel or if some debris has got into

    I keep hoping to find some tips to restore them on the interwebs…

    So far, I’ve tried:

    0) Of course, the mad scribble
    1) Heating the nibs / barrels in hot water
    2) Using methylated spirits / paint brush cleaner etc.

    Occasionally heating the pens in hot water works and what appears to be blobs of ink come out and the pen runs OK again but this has only restored 1 / 2 pens.

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