Diamine Inkvent Calendar Day 14

Diamine Inkvent Calendar is an advent calendar with a tiny (7ml) bottle of ink behind 24 windows, and a larger, 30ml, bottle of ink behind the 25th window. All the inks are limited edition, and only available through this calendar. You can read more about the calendar here.

Day 14 has little twigs and leaves growing out from it! So cute.

Day 14’s ink is Diamine Jack Frost, and like last Sunday’s Gold Star Diamine went all out with this one. It shimmers, it sheens, it shades, it pops – it’s everything an ink could ever do, people.

Look at all that glitter!

See that bright smudge on the bottom? That’s all glitter.

This is an ink that you’re going to want to really, really shake before you fill your pen and before every use.

On a Kanso Sasshi 3.5” x 5.5” Tomoe River Paper notebook with what Pelikan laughingly calls a medium nib you can see the sheen immediately. Wherever the ink pools you’ll see a reddish purple halo. There’s so much of it that it obscures a lot of the shading, but there’s still a lot of that going around.

I’m not great at photographing glitter, but believe me the whole drawing was shimmering like the tree in the centre. The particles are silvery blue, and they’re very, very pretty.

I would have liked Diamine Jack Frost to be a turquoise or aqua ink at its base, but it still is a beautiful ink that’s anything but your standard, run-of-the-mill blue.

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