Inktober 19: Abaddon (i.e. Doom)

I’ve decided to draw the main characters from the local play “The Mystery of the Lost City Guardian (of Doom)” as a larger Inktober project. Today I drew the first character, Abaddon or Doom (minus her yellow hazmat signs, but I’ll do those last, so they won’t lose their lustre in the process of drawing the other characters).


Here’s a close up of this fierce, fierce lady:


And some process photos of the preliminary sketch. There are more characters that I haven’t sketched in yet, but hopeful tomorrow or the day after the painting will be complete.

Rome, Tokyo, Carthage, Abaddon
Carthage and Abaddon

Carthage is the tallest of the actors, which is why I decided to start with her and use her as a reference to the others, in terms of height and placement.

4 thoughts on “Inktober 19: Abaddon (i.e. Doom)

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