Tel Aviv food scene sketches

Three sketches of three different quick food spots in Tel Aviv, before and after applying watercolour. The sketches were done in 5 minutes (for each one), over the past three days. I then took reference photos and applied watercolour at home. The point is to draw more even when I know I have no time to draw.

I used a Stillman and Birn pocket Alpha, a Staedler 0.7 pigment liner (for the first sketch, in the middle of the page), and a Super 5 0.7 fountain pen filled with Rohrer and Kilngner SketchINK Lotte (which is black and permanent). A waterbrush (because I’m going for quick and dirty here, and the Alpha can’t take much water anyway) and my Schmincke watercolours did the rest of the job. The photo came out too dark, but the scans I made of the page were consistently out of focus, so this will have to do for now.

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