This week’s long run

This week’s long run wasn’t very long at all (see here for the reasons). It ended up being just a 5k (my third 5k this week), because I set out pretty late yesterday, and I don’t feel very comfortable running alone in the dark.

On the positive side of things, I did change up my route, which made for some pretty nifty photos of the Tel Aviv skyline.

Started out as the sun was just setting in a glorious pink, purple and orange. 

Tel Aviv’s Marina is small but pretty. 

Boat in the sunset. Also, you can see just how crappy my iPhone 6’s camera is when it comes to low light photography.

Tel Aviv’s “hotel-front”, backdropping the Marina.

Terrible photo, but that’s Tel Aviv’s port twinkling in the distance.

Sunset. I don’t know this guy, but he knows how to enjoy life.

Tel Aviv’s port, now an outdoor shopping mall of sorts. 

A single remnant of the port’s old day’s as an actual port. 

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