This week’s long run

Started out way too early in the afternoon. Despite hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and water, this was a tough one — but I’m glad I ran it. Bathing season is now in full swing in Tel Aviv, and the holiday weekend meant that the beaches were packed.

Dog beach, where dogs are allowed to romp in the sand and water. In the background you can see the seperate beach, humming with people. 

Getting things ready for the traithlon on Saturday meant that running in the Tel Aviv port was a bit of a challenge.

Everything ready for tomorrow’s triathlon.

The sea scouts were out and about, rowing and sailing on the Yarkon.

Gratuitous photo of the sailing boats against the Tel Aviv skyline. 

Rose-ringed parakeet (called drara parrot here) on a Eucalyptus tree. Both are invasive species, but the parakeets, though delightful to see and hear, have done much more damage to the local birds.

Hopoe, digging away for insects.

Tel Aviv’s beaches have been decorated for the pride parade, and there was a DJ that played some pretty decent dance music also out for the occasion.

10K run, done and done. Glad that I did it, though for next week’s run, I’ll probably start either early in the morning or later in the evening. 

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