Using quick drafts

A quick draft is something that I only very recently started doing. It replaces the need to write outline after outline, which are never detailed enough, or my previous time consuming habit of writing the entire first draft by hand. The idea is to just write out the entire piece, in a kind of shorthand that just roughly outlines all the scenes, and gives broad details of key points in the narrative and the dialog. It’s a kind of long summary of the plot, for your eyes only. The point is to go over all the scenes and make sure that there aren’t any plot holes or things that you need to embed earlier in the narrative to help explain a later scene. A quick draft also helps me get a better idea of the shape of the narrative (the way it moves from beginning to end), break it down to chapters and scenes, and get a better idea of who the characters are within the narrative. As an added bonus, it makes doing the Foolscap Method much easier later on.

4 thoughts on “Using quick drafts

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