Quick Gongfu Tea Session

I didn’t feel like breaking the tea table out for a gongfu session with all the fixings, but I really felt like some Shu pu’er, so I improvised a quick tea setting. This is my Shu Yixing teapot. I have two more teapots that I’m now prepping to be my Oolong and Sheng teapots, to replace the lower quality teapots that I’ve used so far.

The tea is from the Chinese Tea Company in Portobello road, London and it’s fabulous, like all the teas that I get from there.

Drinking Puer for #nationalteaday

I’m not a cooked (Shu) Puer person normally, but this aged cake that I got from the Chinese Tea Company in London is a joy to drink.

My gongfu setup waiting for the water to boil:

My very happy tea pet:

The brew – dark and delicious.