Diamine Inkvent 2022 Day 19: Silent Night

It’s day 19 in Diamine’s Inkvent and we’re reaching the point where the calendar becomes very light to pick up.

Door 19

Day 19’s ink is Diamine Silent Night, a standard blue black, with a little bit of red sheen (because it’s so saturated). That’s it. that’s all there is to it.

Diamine Silent Night bottle.

There’s nothing of interest to write about this ink. It’s got practically no shading properties, it’s a dark greyish blue ink undifferentiated from the dozens of other blue black inks in the market (including a good number of Diamine’s own lineup).

Diamine Silent Night Col-o-Ring swab.

Here’s a sketch of blue whale and a diver in the sea. There’s nothing much to see here in terms of the ink’s behaviour.

Diamine Silent Night on 52gsm Tomoe River paper

Silent Night, like other blue blacks, is a very good everyday writing ink. Is it festive? No. Is it unique? Also no. Should it have been included in this year’s Inkvent? There are 25 inks in the calendar and there are bound to be at least one or two that are uninteresting, like Silent Night. That being said, some people may want to purchase a full bottle of this to gift away to a newcomer to fountain pen ink. It’s a beautiful bottle, after all, and still a relatively inexpensive ink.

Diamine Silent Night on 68gsm paper.

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